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be kept open by giving it a small dose of salts or castor oil.

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geons in Ireland, and one of the Surgeons of the City of

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and new means were discovered which enabled us in some instances

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flamed, presenting a dark scarlet colour, with broad livid patches. Upwards ot

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in sufficient dosage. No seriously unpleasant secondary re-

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thin is excluded by this test as the activating agent of these serums.

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shaped portion of the entire thickness of the liver is first cut out

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very well marked ; the tongue, when protruded, inclined slightly to the

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The heat was pungent, the sensation to the patient, as well as to

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as food, affects the deathrate of all young children.

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placed on the program given at Auxiliary meetings. A

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failure of the respiration, and will continue to beat several minutes

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aged sixty, of a full habit, and subject to attacks of dyspnoea and cough

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evi, 111-124. — Anderson (A. B.) Malarial fever in chil-

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fatty and muscular tissue in those particular situa-

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The heat was pungent, the sensation to the patient, as well as to

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veloped sporulating parasite or merocyte the eight merozoites assume a regular

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After each removal of dressing, the parts are washed with

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This splendid passage requires some elucidation. It must

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Apparrtifly idiopathic coju's of cardiac dilatation of indeterminate etiolop}

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in the progress of the disease, dry and dark. The teeth and lips frequently

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with a pulse of 1 00. The excretion of urine was ample.

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Microscopic examination. — The sections presented the

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to whose presence he ascribed the epidemic cholera. His

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The red spots were also very generally to be found in the

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occurs in gastric cancer {vide Salomon's test.) Albumin is frequently

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sufficient number to begin to do efficient service in the

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the prevalence of cholera was strikingly exemplified by the history of an

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wan m«»re constant, breatli very fetid, ami uriin' and

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of the face, the dilated nostrils and the retracted angle of the

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18 xecurreiit in its nature ; and that, even if the first attack be

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only one. It may be a simple cavity, or it may have many cham-

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Others again, instead of using the virus direct, inoculate a

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Strouse, in 1912, reported the observation of cases in the Michael

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is worse in those whose occupation necessitates standing or

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of an ill-ventilated match factory in which the white or yellow phos-

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cine. We have applied these remedies in a great variety

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