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I now pass to a very short account of the physiology of the

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provement is observed. If it is not observed, call upon

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and in Swansea 12.0. It exceeds 20.0 only in Wolverhampton and Man-

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mouth or nose unless they are boiled iuunediatejy afterwards. Sheets

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* See his Essay, p. 50. * Egypt of the Past, p. 16. London, 1881.

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found possible to obtain a sterile specimen of urine. The two methods

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particle being filled by a new one, just as in rebuilding a wall we might put

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particular so far, though the last patient has not yet fully recov-

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person hitherto well. Therefore, the sick must be protected against

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day she took her Sunday School and did various other things. On Monday

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are of the persecutory type : he has enemies, who are in league against him,

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the present revised edition will enhance the already wide popu-

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many instances, of their ignorance of the climate, of their extreme imprudence,

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adult hemiplegia is produced by a lesion of the motor or

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person was presented by the Whigs to be made a freeman ; he was challenged

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opposite side. It has also been known to extend to the lumbar plexus, and

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Ballantyne said that a prolonged study of antenatal

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draw a fine wire saw beneath the plaster. This is directed

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vanic Test.— If a few drops of the copper solution are placed on platinum -foil,

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that goats, sheep, cattle and occasionally horses had been affected and also

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or supposed (as the case may be) to have heen dead in iitero. 4. The

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for the hand f the patient is no better off than if she had been

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at the termination of the present Winter Session must in all cases

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grain of sparteine and one-sixth of a grain of morphine, fifteen minutes

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Hamburger, in order to prevent interference by coagulation, used defibrinated

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after a promise of a cure, will be difficult to render.

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entitled as above, Dr. A. L. Loomis, of New York, de-

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1 dense central corneal opacity with prolapse of the pupil,

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tional excretion of sodium of 3.62%. A chest roentgen-

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pleted by July 1. Air-conditioned offices located on

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which rose to 104^ degrees by 7 P. M. Sponging and quinia,

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and ringing the cover-glasses with vaseline so as to prevent the

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nate as to resist all medicinal remedies ; or it may be that the

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in a "proper reaction" there is a gradual transition to this point.

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park it originally turned abruptly westward and emptied into

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