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drawn, it presumably contains the toxic protein or antigen. This can

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Saints', Margaret Street, during the nights. The regular Hospital nurses,

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and support do not suffice to cure. Surgery only can remove

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had come to his knowledge as occurring in ono of tiio large

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Obituary Record. — At New York, on the 28th of November, in the fifty-

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tem after the lapse of years unchanged and incorporated in

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There is no subject of greater interest to the practitioner

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It was an interesting and profitable discussion that fol-

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refuted by numerous satisfactory experiments. But, since that time,

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evaluation of the protective abilities of the solutions.

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muth passed down the oesophagus, obstruction being due

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two other similar ovarian growths. The specimen was referred to the

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attack of anthrax which protected from future attacks. These results were

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nothing in common, and they are not the result of degenera

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D'Arcy Power- has highly recommended it. The clothing over the'

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yesterdav of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Dr.

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vide their cases according to the extent of the disease.

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more serious import than early cerebral symptoms ; secondly,

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niortahty, is much feared, and has been noticed from early times to be associ-

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muse has been rather coy and timid, quite probably for

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fore I attempt to determine whether or not further aid is

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was recognized by many during her stay in Washington I feel

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tuberculous matter in the lungs, is ascribed by Dr.

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tery and intestinal catarrh. In 34 cases of dysentery which he had care-

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green soap, tar, and the preparations of sulphur. It is best to com-

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of allowing admirals to select Surgeons to their flag-ships. The result is,

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ately, ordered distilled '^ater to be used for preparing the infu-

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ination of school children, and in the lack of interest in the

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severed from the body. Lint was then placed between

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can determine there are about 75 physicians in the State

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ing the ii{£morrhage from the various muscular arterioles. The hae-

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Must possess a Physician's or Surgeon's diploma of one of the Colleges

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degenerations; vascular and eye lesions are ignored until irreparable

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istered, the force of the pulse was somewhat increased. Friction

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In Munich 7.6 per cent, of those nursed died, while

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our best schools, that is, those having a four years'

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TniB investigation of tropical fevers cover? b period

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by an incomplete knowledge of unusual forms of the disease, or

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pleased with this decision that can affect the lives

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