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Infectious Diseases in New York. — We are indebted to

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accompanies incompetency of the aortic valves; "a state

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mode, he said, the air would be but slightly impregnated when

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cost of^th?s IS gi^en as 50,000 francs for drainage and Ming up of

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The protection of those necessarily exposed to an atmosphere more or

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we find in the hospitals. I have had broad experience and in comparing

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observed in other organs in this disease, and they indicate

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suggestive paper on the late Dr. Hilton F.agge, Dr.

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ceptional conditions would produce the result. Where

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treated as out-patients. Dr. C. B. Porter has recently removed a cal-

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state that Mr. Lawson's treatise represents the most advanced

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ber of entirely separate cottages or barracks to per-

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the streptococcus, and may be the staphylococcus, find

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should be removed if the diagnosis is made in the first hours of the attack."

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Delegates be called immediately prior to the regular

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two or three days to io4°-io5°F. and remains as a high continuous

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P.im 1- In-t ,ind ijuicke^t rdieNed h\ tlir ,ulniiiii-t iMti.m cf h.ilf .i ur.ii':

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on to any extent, is calculated to insure a supply at all times

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ing to the question as to the relation between oxaluria

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Indeed, it was due in no small measure to the Association that

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Hipps, A. G. T., Asheville, Jeff. Med. Coll., 1916 1916 1920

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The chlorides vary within wide limits, and phosphates are increased.

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London, December 27, 1919, ii. No. 3078, p. 845) and Wollstein

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it is seen that the cellular exudate consists mainly of small round cells of the

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the fauces, clay-colored sloughs are seen on the soft

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Affections of the nasal fossae may be complicated by various ocular

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no reason why the pregnant tubes should not have the same

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reaching (O), and not at the instance of the psychologist. It is

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50,000 words on federalized medicine. What better way

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By some means or other the parasite irritates the organ it infects

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O. M., merchant, 58, good physique and a tremendous worker.

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ment became his hobby; he desired to equal the Indian in

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in those fatal anaemias which are grouped under the name of pernicious

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