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yellow caseous masses, either in the lung or glands or elsewhere. The

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the other a canary. The atmosphere, jisyehologieally speaking,

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ulcer, in some cases, extremely difficult. The absence of vomiting with

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in intestinal saprophytic conditions. Through the kindness of

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and Canada manifestly marks it as a jtroduct in which the ut-

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undergo complete solution, and the joint be left in an apparently normal

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treatment of recent war wounds. .Vmong the advantages are: («)

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■■ (iood Public Health Service in Small Towns and Rural

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out of 9000 dogs tuberculous. The dog appears to become infected by

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ed : he lives to a good age, and requires but a trifle

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menorrhagia. A thorough investigation will usually reveal the

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opened or discharges naturally, it may heal, leaving a cicatrised scar in the

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and as to the nature of the free acids present, namely, hydro-

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us to have a fairly satisfactory working knowledge of these cases.

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eminences may be seen at some part of the abdominal surface, which, on

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certain sense", primitive lungs, we would say — there is also only one

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throat, and head, and ulcerations of the pharynx and soft palate. As a

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When pneumothorax occurs the side of the chest becomes larger

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marginal ; but in the former the lateral branches of the uterus are arranged

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— The most important of these is residence in a malarial locality. There

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repose and the ventricle is filled anew with blood, . . . the deeper colour

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night, without premonitory diarrhoea. When the disease is fairly

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acute attack or in the course of an exacerbation of a Frontal Sinusitis.

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his body will be hot, his veins fwelled, his yard hang-

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have published the results of a combined clinical and laboratory study.

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and frontal eminences. But before these enlargements take place, or

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structure they resemble F. bancrofti, but differences in measurement and

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illness supervenes, which may ultimately prove fatal. Although the

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to be clofe together ; and more than an ordinary de-

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The parasite. — This protozoal organism belongs to the Sporozoa, order

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cause. Imbecile and feeble-minded children may be rickety, but while

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