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llie follow iiii: ci|iiation: I, \'T. \vli(rc I, cijiials the leiijrth of the jiiilse

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the fact that no increase in taurocholic acid excretion hy the bile resuh-

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some cases regarded as originating during pregnancy undoubtedly have been

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oeeiir. The eelloidin sae is then removed, a few drops of the indie.'itor

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Hypoxanthin C»H4N40 Xanthin CftHiNiOa Hjrpoxanthin C»H4N40+ 0= Xanthin €^114X402

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i'i;iiirioular node. That it is the last part of the heart to cease eon

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in the spaces of the reticulum to make one solid whole. The various cell

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inquired as to the condition of the pupils and knee-jerks, and, what is still

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when lii'eatliiiiir reconimenees, it has not yet eaiiied the normal level.

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n'.titlir, <;. (!.: (^iiiirt. .M.'.l., IIHJ, vi, 11.1.

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Appendicitis. — The English companies rate up from five to twenty-five

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a hindrance in the process of assimilation and in the removal of the products

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Pages wholly or partially obscured by errata slips,

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the subcutaneous fat gradually disappears, and soon the skm seems attached

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not well marked does not often seem of advantage. Such cases need careful

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the lesions of the pituitary and the improvement after the removal of the

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even in the largest masses, for the single tumors are only held together by

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11. (ted with the cut ends of tlic artery or vein. In a certain position of

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and disappear. It is often a cause of no inconvenience to the patient, and

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tion, cystoscopy, or operations on the bladder, cure is not uncommon if

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occur in the arterial iircssiire without affecliri}; the liver tlow. WIhm

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■Ufiil ..t iTi.Mill';^.,,. v,,K,~, ^in.l ,,.iii„,t„;„ I, ,1k.. .|,,.„„ h.r,. 1,,,. l„,-„ f,„,,„| ,,, |„. ,„,,r,

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muscle groups are gradually attacked, and the whole skeleton musculature

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the Journal of the American Medical Association, October 3, 1908, p. 1121.

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thickening of the long bones, especially those of the forearm and lower legs.

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istration of ai>omorphine iCannoni. The first cliani;e ohserved is an

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other well-known symptoms and physical signs of incompetency are present,

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1 -N is kimwii as III iiiiil'isis, iiiiil till' miIisImiu'i's wliirli l.iiiiu' it aliiiilt an'

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.i.,":.,!r\?ri;'.i';.;::'r ""■ '"'""^ '^ "■• •'-' -" ''•■■—- •— - -"■ "■•■ •«-.„,

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,• 1 )•„,• uimI.t tlirs.' .•nn.liti.Mis ill.' st .•.■l.-liin--' «( its nails s,.|,arafs Hi.-

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