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in at this fourth puncture (through the skin) and carried down

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obnoxious to treatment. Contagious impetigo we have all seen,

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Dr. Richardson also passed in review the labours of

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kidneys. Whether renal insufficiency is a contra-indica-

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nience from his old disease ; of his history subsequent

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would have been if the cholera had not existed ; and those among them

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Association of American Medical Colleges can be evaded, the solution

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and therefore the treatment is not invariably successful. If

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from the third book of Virgil's Aenead, and may be translated thus: "Men gave up their

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If the disease becomes chronic, Fowler's Solution, in doses of three

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lasix renogram side effects

lasix in oliguric renal failure

Eep. Bd. Health Mich. 1884, Lansing. 1885, xii, 36-47.—

use of lasix in end stage renal disease

Amount of milk confined=985 c.c. Amount of air space over milk=747 c.c.

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meat may be used, and many an aged cow and toil-worn ox have

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and ballottement within the uterus and come directly in

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Treatment. — Absolute rest must be enjoined. The urine must

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contractions, clonic convulsions partial, even general. But paralytic

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* Since this was written, I have heard of a sixth death. Three of these occurred

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gress, and also in the paper already mentioned in the

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number rejected, 983. The discrepancy of 200 in these figures is ac-

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still-born, and five died of eruptive fevers in early

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stated, in my cases I only have knowledge of four that are still alive.

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is unhesitatingly prescribed by practitioners everywhere

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Errors— In the communication of " Veritas" in our last week's pa-

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was described by a former house-surgeon of this hospital,

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themata, smallpox and scarlet fever have been treated with

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the remissions becoming more and more incomplete, and the nocturnal

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eruption was said to have lasted a month, but in man

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vent trouble from the discharge of urine." ( On Stricture of the Urethra and

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inspiration (friction ?) Urine rendered turbid by the presence of urates. Pulse 116,

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^^'hile I believe that not a little importance attaches

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the mind is bewildered by the descriptions of new instruments

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officially, his opinion that the day of gynecology as a specialty has

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speculum and mirror, found a perforation of the meoh

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uria" rather than "tachyuria" exists in this disease. In other words,

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