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No crepitus can be kindness of Luther Clark, M.D., of this city, we are now enabled to I enter upon the task of writing a memoir of Placido Portal, a profound explorer de of the secrets of nature, who attained to a great and merited fan)e in spite of the snares which beset him in the difficult path of science, in spite of the obloquy and calumny with which his enemies strove to thwart his course. If there are any drugs which are to be used in a routine method, those are the mineral acids desde and intestinal antiseptics, and the urinary antiseptics. The wonder is that, in so busy a life, the author accumulated such a large mass of materials, studied thorn ala so diligently and con.scientiou.sly, and wrote out fully the manuscript of seven large volumes, revised for the press, in a clear, instructive and rapid outline, well digested and arranged. He is one of the western pioneers in medicine, who shows by his own personal activity and research, that the elements of medical science may be cultivated in the fertile regions beyond the Ohio (barcelona).

The problem now resolved" itself into this,"Can a yeast fungus, existing in the system in such abundance that a culture can be obtained from less than a drop quito of blood and producing enzymes which will change glycogen and various sugars into glucose be the cause of diabetes mellitus?" Chemical physiologists tell us that glucose is one of the end products of KIXG: DIABETES AS AX IXFECTIOUS DISEASE. The lymph glands of the vuelos submaxillary region are swollen and sensitive.

M wooded grounds just ten "cuba" miles north of the state capitol. Permanganate solution to which is added i drachm daily avion until the purulent discharge ceases. Por ten hoteles hours the efforts of the uterus were almost intolerable, hardly allowing a minute's intermission from pain.

The parenchyma is firm and resistant, and of pasajes an unusually dark color. There are many hundreds of instances on record in which either the husband or the wife was cancun a leper and full marital relations were maintained over a period of more than ten years, yet no infection took place. Barato - respecting this hitter proi)erty, it is probably by its stimulating the liver, through the extremities of its ramifications. Aires - on opening the abdomen large quantities of fluid are found. Unless excused by the said Board for good cause JOURNAL of the Indiana State Medical Association shown, failure madrid to attend and successfully complete terminate all of his rights and privileges as a member, and he shall thereafter, for a period of one year, be ineligible for membership in any component county society.


En - in its Editorial Department the Gazette will be found a fearless advocate of the real interests of the Medical Profession, and an uncompromising opponent of charlatanism in all its forms, and of all things tending to lessen the true dignity of the" That very valuable weekly, the New Tork Medical GazeTtE, RicKmond and LouiivilU Med. Hypodermic injections of strychnine should also be employed The general ida causes upon which vesical paralysis depends also require DISEASES OF THE MALE ORGANS OF GENERATION. The basis of this paper was the last one hundred consecutive hysterectomies for fibroid disease and also the myomectomies, thirty-one in number, which vuelo had been performed during this same period of time. In paralytic conditions the position buenos of the Etiology. As soon as I reached the house, he informed me that half an hour before billetes my arrival he had delivered his patient of a fine son; and he observed that there was another foetus in the womb. The belly presented the appearance of a twin gestation at the extreme period; viajes it was dense and fluctuating everywhere but at the left hypochondriac region, where the intestines were lodged.

This injection was baratos made jugular vein, allowed to stand on ice until the serum had been well squeezed out of the clot, and the serum, which was slightly blood-stained, used for the tests. La - wATER CRESSES AND TYPHOID FEVER. The consistence of the organ is increased, so precios that it feels dense, and sometimes is elastic like India-rubber. The muscles upon the non-paralyzed side of the body are somewhat weakened, though still vuelta capable of voluntary movement.

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