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meat fed. This fact we have indeed demonstrated in another way.
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of free acid can be maintained, which means, clinically, the neutraliza-
drugs similar to astelin
glucose yielded in metabolism could, however, be demonstrated to vary
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develop emboli, lesions of the mitral valve induce lung disease,
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Biol, and Med., 1915, xii, 165). The RpH of the serum (alkali reserve) was determined by the
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the local patches of atheroma) , and the state of abnormal tension of
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gested it as a test for syphilis. His estimations were made by direct
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fluid cell count was increased and many red blood cells were present,
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from his studies that oxy sparteine, administered in doses which
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of tabes dorsalis was made. He had had a chancre eight years before. For
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are not continuous but show themselves only from time to time.
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figurement, means must be adopted for its removal by operative pro-
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During the attack the patient instinctively seeks the posture which
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the region of the pulmonary valves ; it corresponds with the systole.
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is not instantaneous, but occurs after a certain period (Donders), but
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of this preparation were injected with 100 gm. water three times a
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(1) the vitally staining histogenous macrophages are not normally
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Hematochyluria; Observations on the Fat Content of the Urine and
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on by the secretion alone in the absence of the gland itself.
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thyroid extract in removing the myxcedema. During 1892 several
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On November 29, December 5 and December 9 he was given salvarsan 0.2
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The recorded data indicate that the number of new cases each year
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Case 1. — S. D., a German Jewess, aged 40. married, and having four children,
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probable that the same is true of the bones, the cartilages and possibly
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rather be attributed to the disease itself. But preference is in all
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necessary. I am convinced that such administration can be a valu-
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His history was negative. His present illness began nine months ago with
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tolic pressure was 85 mm. (Tycos). The urine was normal and the YYassermann
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The methods used in testing for evidence of so-called acidosis are
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skin is capable of restoration to its normal condition, for under the
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characteristics of a vessel with high tone and increased pressure.
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ous are the cases in which the thrombi penetrate from the right to
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Insanity. — Well-marked insanity occurs in some instances, and
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soon yield to the treatment advocated for dyspepsia in the subjects
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ing causes, and as such require consideration in detail.
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Micro-otyanisnts in the Lesions of Phlebitis. — Doleris described (in
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border and the lower end of the sino-auricular node. We cannot,
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cutaneous tissues, where it constitutes oedema, hydrops, anasarca.
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serve as efficient substrates for the production of a positive Abderhal-
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cousin, and an aunt ; and a mother and three sisters have been recorded
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clair 71 in their experiments report that calcium in the urine varied
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Ewald : Bericht der Naturforscher Versammlung zu Danzig, 1880.
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change in form of the ventricular complex which has been hitherto
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ship existing between calcium metabolism and glycemia and glycosuria.
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adds one quarter as many normal as hemophilic platelets, a solid clot
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plexes following abnormal auricular deflections ; of these twenty-two,
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In some cases a heaving pulsation may be felt at the back over the
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"ay," the left vocal cord may be seen to remain fixed, while the right
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