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Japanese Government to study the plague in Hong-Kong in 1894 —
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was dilated, tenaculum forceps applied to the tumor and traction made upon
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or large pleuritic effusions and also in some cases
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differentiation it is possible to go into minute definitions as to immediate
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antiperistaltic motion which, the pylorus now being
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is mental strength, the next generation will be fully
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The author summarizes his opinion regarding these operations as follows :
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Official list of changes in the stations and duties of offi-
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things these patients did and said, in their hyster-
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deals only with practice and its foundations. Principles of medicine
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incipiency. The false characteristics are the results
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frequently recurring attacks of suppurative disease of the tonsils has led
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on the top floor of the dwelling. If this is impossi-
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to the increase of strength which comes to the teeth
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of any diagnostician to map out by palpation the appendix in the
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Cleaves, F. H., Acting Assistant Surgeon. Granted four-
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cedures, the treatment of intraperitoneal infections
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tions are to be made to the general age limitations
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but most cases require other and more active remedies. I do not think,
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they are not responding, and in them I believe that
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York State, the P>oard of Medical Examiners of New Jer-
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repeated examination of the stomach contents, bear-
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40 percent. Differential count (1030 cells): small lymphocytes, 3.8;
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infrequent occurrence of gastric ulcer in cases of chlorosis and the
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cian ; the Germans aver Geistliche reinigen das Ge-
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right costal caitilage were heard two murmurs : one harsh, with the ven-
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land Surgery. For the Use of Students and Practitioners.
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there. If no food is forthcoming other levels should
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of human intestinal mucous membrane obtained from a recent case of
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fracture at the age of two months. Up to the age of nine years, when
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Oakes. — In Poland Springs, Maine, on Friday, July 8th,
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eleven weeks, existing, upon the average, on not over three ounces of milk
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the Address in Surgery by Harry Gilbert Barling, B. S.,
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case in which intestinal obstruction was produced by a gallstone about the
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red papules ; moreover, the surface is not so tense

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