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should appear in a journal of this city, the residence

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the acetate of morphia be substituted for the opium in the useful "lead and

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as promising to add greatly to the interest of the Journal. To those

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of the past year commends the wisdom of legislation by which

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widely and generally observed characteristics of yellow fever,

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as those of the neck and head. The heart sounds are dull and

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1907. Hunt, Reid, Hygienic Laboratory, cor. 25th and E Sts.

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largely upon the accuracy of the observations and the care in noting them.

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too rapid utilization of potassium in glucose metabolism.

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M.D., Paris. Translated under the author's supervision by C. M.

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impure and stagnant air, from deficient perspiration, and restricted activity of

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“Military Service. — Eleven physicians died in ac-

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9. Sier H, Ouslander J, Orzeck S: Urinary incontinence among

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forms part of some general acute infectious disorder, as measles, small-

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nature, expressed in the following words: "I do not approve,"

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not be carried out, combined external and internal version may be at-

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ferment. Thus both these agencies are exercised in the prepara-

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thoracic aorta, the arch, and the descending thoracic aorta. If clin-

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large territories. Cholera and bubonic plague have at times been

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mucous class, one in twenty-four ; and of those which were

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contemplated by the Council of any city, town or village, approval

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Europe has probably an exciting influence, as it has in producing

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practised for years by the late Dr. J. Forsyth Meigs,

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whoop. In some cases dulness was difficult to detect over the lungs;

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inches on 17 days in 1909. The greatest rainfall in 24 hours

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