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the prognosis is good I formerly believed and taught that
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lation of arterial blood in the substance of the brain. The interruption of
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Pig. 115. — Posterior extremity Fig. 116. — Posterior extremity
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which no immunity exists the temperature will gradually rise and then
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often corresponds in position on one or both sides to the
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Lortet-Genoud Lamp. See Fig. 20. This lamp is provided
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culous disease has existed in a small proportion of cases only. The
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Recto- Vaginal Fistula. Dr. L. S. McMurtry : I have a very inter-
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stump will be flat, or perhaps slightly rounded, with a central de-
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middle meningeal artery ; (3) specimens illustrating the effect of bullet
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more or less the same in recurrences as in the primary attack ; or there
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Hodgkin's disease, tuberculous adenitis, peritonitis, and tuber-
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presses wet with cold water, or with lead water, should
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localised peritonitis, or one which is undergoing progres-
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observation of this extremely rare disease, would it not be
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refrigerant effect of iced water taken in small quantities at a time, or of
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aluminium screens) from an applicator having 9 mgr. of RaBr.22H'oO
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jury, when properly administered, and had a fair trial.
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cases of soldiers in the army of the United States during the Civil War.
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suicide, 'or they may attack their attendants. Hallucinations of sight
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in frequency after the use of salicylate of soda, but in mam-
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been ill for two or three days when the treatment was begun. As the result of a
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Mr. Berr}- pointed out that the chief advantages of resec-

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