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seemed to me in many cases the incipient disease would have
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form with better results (mucilage of acacia and water aa 50 cc, bismuth
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numerical cell equilibrium. The factors governing the leukocytes in the
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monia, colitis, and nephritis. Some authorities, notably Henoch, state that in
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perhaps been overestimated. There were 4 among 137 fatal cases in this
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successfully carried out. The disease must be considered as among the most
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express the hope that he may soon be able to take up his pro-
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was not to accept until a long period of time had passed with-
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pericardium, or costal surfaces, may from its close proximity cause irritation
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matory exudate was pointed out by Traube, namely: that this condition
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character of the lesions. He inoculated from the cornea of the rabbit to the
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in mind but this is readily determined by omitting the drug for a few hours,
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livery, and that the danger is greater just in proportion to
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examined and especially if pain, rigidity and muscle spasm are usually
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characteristic rusty appearance. Li all severe attacks a routine examination
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risks criticised along these lines. In the past the average
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but the exudation enclosed in a number of small spaces does not give the
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found in considerable numbers in the vessels of the pyramids without any
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tuberculosis alone, for all these conditions may exist from
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soiled with faecal material; Klein is said to have obtained living typhoid
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without strong drafts, which may often be done by ventilating through an
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circumstances which may be connected with the moral hazard
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tigators (Gunther, Castelnau and Ducrest) had produced metastatic abscesses
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in a one per cent, caustic soda solution and add acetic acid —
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the case, and that the urine so secreted by the glomerulus
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it was discovered on or before the fifth day of the eruption. Tube casts
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whose privilege it was to be associated with him in daily
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tococcus and injects them all, his serum is polyvalent. Escherich uses this
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of the Massachusetts Cremation Society, Assistant Secretary
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has learned to do so he realizes that his knowledge is the
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destruction. They interfere with his interpretation of na-
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the memor}' of one who by his genial disposition, kindness of
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have little toxic effect, the poison being an intracellular one. Leber in
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The chief value of the alcohol is to aid the heart in keeping up the circula-
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would have no explanation for the invasion of fresh joints,

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