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Minimum in morning, maximum in afternoon, and again after

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streptococci is to cultivate them on nutrient agar to which has been added

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as are assumed in your article are as foreign to my

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1 have met some instances exactly like those detailed. This explanation,

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point and may remove a secretar.v. at an annual sal-

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brought about by thrombosis of the vessels, and consequent formation

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had ten cases. Two are now living, three and four years after

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One might fancy that the course of events during these periods is as

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It is the duty of the ph3'sician, after recovery from this disease, to

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of such an establishment for cholera. Let us see what

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Enemata of glycerin are serviceable where, for any reason, a rapid

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Sometimes, however, the superior part passes into the in-

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E. V. Wilcox states that Astragalus syicatus is the most important

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AM., M.D.. Philadelphia, U. S. A., with the Collaboration of John B. I

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sium iodide, opium, salicylate, etc. — is well known. —

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lated districts there has been little inducement for the

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submaxillary and sublingual and cervical glands ; both desquamate —

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The volume is well printed, and there is an excellent and carefully

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adversities. The town of Paita on the coast of Chile had been plun-

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versity where the payment is higher. This is a system of

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Eegarding the utility of Dr. Grant Andrew's work, it

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of the heart or by palpation or graphic records of the apex-beat. In such a case

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is associated with the excitable and rapid insurance heart.

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tient's appetite began to improve for the first time, and oyster broth

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Nitrici §ss ; Mist. Scillce §viss. M. Sumat gss ter indies. Omittantur alia. Nov.

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sorption of the cartilaginous matrix, and the entrance

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Use one of these powders for 30 gallons of bath water,

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appearances will of course be modified, or they may be altogether absent, when

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but it is not a view in which the editor places any

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matter of the sweat. The odor frequently accompanying emanations

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to a nephritic w^ho has moderate powers of digestion An excess of uric

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(Of the four cases which were placed originally under

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