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that of human tubercle bacilli and showed none of the characteristics
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port from the United States to Great Britain and Ireland or any of the countries of
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fidential service — backed by the world’s larg-
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such as the Standardbred, Hackney, French Coacher, Saddle Horse,
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laiM_'iia-.'.' is a pn.,in.-l of an .-\ti-n.l.'.l .-f ii,ipivssi..ns and
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to which the cattle are destined for feeding or stocking purposes, shall not be placed In
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(g) The fattening of hogs or other animals on the refuse of slaughterhouses will not
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This is another excellent short treatise on fractures.
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small portions of it to inoculate two rabbits. The rabbits became
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lorest to note that the tonch reeeptors of the shin respond so promptly
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two were remarkably fine examples of the " abortive,** and one of the
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Autopsy. — The right kidney is not markedly decreased in size (Pig. 11) ;
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Mitchell, Glasscock, Sterling, Irion, Reagan, Upton, Throckmorton, and Baylor to any
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tion of the carcass at time of slaughter. Moreover, the city inspectors have condemned
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Subsidiary: Pulmonary tuberculosis (encapsulated tubercles at right
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there seemed to be little reason for supposing him to be the carrier of
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frog is examined microscopically. If spermatozoa are
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225 Sheridan Road Medical Director Phone Winnetka 211
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on, .lisappoa,.,!. a.,.l .ho -lobris of th.; do.ono.a.o.l fibo.s ha^ boon
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claims that it is cruel to place a bit in a horse's mouth, harness on
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entirely and disappeared and the changes over the vault of
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such times and places, and in sucb manner as he may deem proper, to ascertain whether
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l.k' i"" Tiaciiig »ho«um tli.' ron.tricliiig acti<.n of piluJlrin on the l,r..n.tii..l. » ai.'l il< .11. .1
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external to the channel of the stomach, and takes no part in
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of 25 inches. Cultures made from the filtrate remained sterile, and
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Its occurrence, nature, symptoms, mode of communication, etc., are
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6. Verzar, F., and von Fbj^r, A. : Biochem. Z., 1913, LIII, 140.
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5. Comroe, B. I.: Arthritis and Allied Conditions, Lea and
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Reference Committee on Miscellaneous Affairs as fol-
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ation was used. The dogs were anesthetized with ether.
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and was clean. There was no dripping from the roof, and the room generally was In
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Agriculture and some of the States have shown conclusively that by
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rule governing the quarantine of animals. A similar agreement
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points of the greatest output. Here, with microscope and reagents,
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were disposed of as follows : Eighty-one and four-tenths per cent were passed for sale
how often can you take zofran during pregnancy
Walnut finish, like new, used only a few months; Ex-

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