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If there has heen obstruction to the bile ducts the parenchyma will be of a
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tion of the right heart, e. g., emphysema and fibroid phthisis. Congestion
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ment of the throat symptoms is preceded or accompanied by constitu-
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quent development of hemorrhagic variola. It has been said that the pains
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Cholerine is a mild form of cholera occurring during a cholera epidemic,
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duced while the cold was being applied, but rose again very soon after the
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ries from two hours to two days. In the aged, and in the feeble, the prog-
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rire, tightness, and dull pain in the region of the liver. Sometimes the pain
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finally disintegrate. Incident to the great increase in the blood pressure,
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and agminated glands, occurs. The epithelium itself, in most cases, un-
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ment of the attack was m a state of coma, with high temperature, a rapid
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■' scoliees." Tiie cyst-w;ill may exhibit calcareous, fatty, or pigmentary
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Parenchymatous degeneration consists in an alteration of the anatomical
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conveyed from these endemic centres to those localities.' The histories of
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Second. — High elevation is another condition inimical to its development.
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cure may be expected in from one to six months. Ankylosis can usually
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every other information. Dhistrated with facsimiles of waterH)olour drawings
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142. Cortex of kidney showing advanced degenerative changes in acute nephritis . 594
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by dilating the blood-vessels in the splanchnic area so that the blood
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Occasionally the division of a nerve is attended by certain changes in
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small shot early in the disease. The eruption maif appear first on a part
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mas, but the operation is more troublesome and has no advantage over
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aneurysmal sac, may result in serious secondary hemorrhage.
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may cause a sense of weight in the splenic region, and if the splenic capsule
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therefore a bad result may be obtained; whereas, if the impaction is
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tubercular or syphilitic lymphoma. There is no inflamma-
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causes congestion of the liver. Habitual constipation and a sedentary
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natural appearance. The odor is peculiar during this period. The erup-
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2. Posthitis, a condition where the prepuce becomes inflamed. In
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proportion to the intensity of the fever. In the majority of cases it remains
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discharge from the nose is generally copious and non-purulent. A rash
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removal can only be accomplished by mechanical means — either by aspira-
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and cramps in the calves of the legs. Recovery is usually rapid. It may
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other parts of the body. A small cicatrix will do no harm, unless it is
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delirium, or sometimes thrombosis of some of the capillaries may
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very tardily ; it may be followed by permanent deafness.
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^ ., ,,?.^''"l''^fTl?^^''r7' .• later become melanotic. In
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cancerous nodules in the walls or on the surface of the heart, in connec-
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provided for. Sutures can not be applied as closely as in an incised
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The nozzle of the syringe should be replaced by the glass portion of a
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